Two-Fold Faction

January 26 - March 8, 2008
Jonas Dahlberg. Three Rooms, 2008. 3 screen film installation, Dimensions Variable, Ed. 6.
Jesper Just. A Vicious Undertow, super 16mm transferred to HD video and DVD, 10:00 min, black and white. Sound, Ed. 7 + 2AP.
Yang Fudong. Lock Again (lu ke zai yu) 2004. 16mm film transferred to DVD, 3 min, sound by Miya Dudu , Ed. 10.
Jennifer Steinkamp. Hurdy Gurdy Man (Chrysanthemums) 2006. Video installation, dimensions variable, Ed. 4 of 6.
Takeshi Murata. Untitled, 2007. Single channel digital video on DVD, 3 min, soundtrack by Robert Beatty, Ed. 5.
Michael Bell-Smith. Glitter Bend, 2008. Video loop, dimensions variable, Ed. 5.
Kota Ezawa. Last Year at Marienbad 2007. DVD, 4 min. looped, 4 channel video (single channel version), Ed. 10.
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