2D and 3D

Negotiating Visual Languages

August 1 - September 28, 2008
2D and 3D, 1st floor installation shot.
2D and 3D, 2nd floor installation shot.
Xia Xiaowan. Scholar's Rock, 2008. Ink and pencil on glass, 163x96.7x52cm, 12 layers of 6mm glass.
Shen Shaomin. Mona Lisa, 2007. Silical gel Oil on canvas, 83x62cm.
Shen Shaomin. Venus, 2008. Silicon, 164cm tall.
Li Songsong. And I Love Her, 2008. Oil on canvas, 110 x 280 cm.
Laurens Tan. Babalogic - Brueghel's Tower, 2008. Composite plastics, timber, light, 1.2 m diameter x 1.4 m high including base.
Hong Lei. That Gloomy Afternoon, 2008. Scene hung in bright room flickers in the dark room, 3 x 7 x 3 m.
Hung Shaopei. Folded paintings 5-2-1/Folded paintings 5-2-2/Folded paintings 5-2-3/Folded paintings 5-2-4, 2008. Acrylic on canvas, 40x168 and 40x80cm.
Miao Xiaochun. Microcosmos, 2008. C-print, 9 panels; central panel 300 x 286 cm; wings 300 x 120 cm.
Qiu Zhijie. Storm is Coming, 2008. Oil on canvas, wood, bamboo, strings, 8m (dragon), 90 x 90cm (set of 20).
Shang Yang. Dong Qi Chang Plan-21/Dong Qi Chang Plan-20, 2008. Mixed medium on canvas, 360 x 290 cm/360 x 306 cm.
Shen Ruijun. The Story Happens on the Other Side of the Mountain, 2008. Transparent film, pencil, glue, pen on board, 120 x 160 cm (detail).
Shi Jinsong. White Tree No. 3, 2008. Chinese scholar tree wood, fishing wire, fish hooks, 12 x 13 m.
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