Enjoy the past works of the artists in Busan!

Busan Biennale, Special Exhibiton(Biennale Archive)

Busan Biennale 2014 runs from September 20th through November 22 at the Busan Museum of Art and surrounding areas. The main exhibition of Gwangju Biennale’s 10th edition, directed by Jessica Morgan, Daskalopoulos Curator of the Tate Modern, has the aggressive title “Burning Down the House.”

"Korea lost a lot of things during its rapid economic growth," said Morgan. "Burning down the house is an act of making something new. If a substance is burnt, it changes completely."

The theme will be explored through diverse artistic mediums, including sculptures, installations and video works. Along with the main exhibition, the biennale will feature special exhibitions, such as the Biennale Archive, that offer insights into the history and trends of Korean contemporary art.

Please visit and enjoy the past works of P K M artists including Bae Young-whan, Lee Kangso, Sang Nam Lee, Cho Duck Hyun, Choi Jeong wha, Cody Choi and Ham Jin!

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