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Curatorial Advisor: PARK Chan-Kyong

Featured artists:
KOH Seung-wook, KONG Sung-hun, KIM Beom, KIM Bo-min, KIM Sanggil, RHO Jae-oon,
Area. Park, PARK Chan-Kyong, BAE Young-hwan, SONG Sang-hee, YOON Jeong-mee,
JO Hae-jun, flyingCity, HAM Jin

PKM GALLERY, Beijing is proud to present FAST BREAK from 13 April to 30 June 2007, the second special exhibition to be held at PKM GALLERY, Beijing since its opening in November 2006. FAST BREAK brings together a full-scale exhibition of Korean artists for the first time to Beijing, one of the most active contemporary art scenes today.

Fast Break, originally a term referring to a strategic swift attack in aim of scoring a point before the opponent is able to get in a defensive position in sports such as basketball or volleyball; is applied here to represent a moment to generate a fresh tone, an opportunity for recharge, and to create an 'artistic' team work. In broader terms, it is also a metaphor for experiencing the momentum of Seoul- from everyday amusement from incessant change, daily pattern of missing proper timing due to hesitation, routinized shock, and frequent lapse of memory and instantaneous and unpredictable energy of the present.

The fourteen young artists exhibiting in the show have lived through the time of high-speed growth and have experienced the trauma of cold war. They are now confronting the rapidly expanding 'place' of freedom and complexities of the value system. The artists vividly draw the topography of this transitional period with their discerning language and diverse themes:

Architectural landscape portraying the 'Korean Modernity'
- KIM Sanggil, KONG Sung-hun, KIM Bo-min, flyingCity
Double-edged perspective between the cold war and the post cold war
- Area. Park, PARK Chan-Kyong, ROH Jae-oon
Redemption of the memory suppressed by the Korean modern history
- BAE Young-hwan, SONG Sang-hee, JO Hae-jun
Individual imaginations confronting the instruments of logic and economics
- KIM Beom, KOH Seung-wook
Dramatized criticism of plastic utopia
- HAM Jin, YOON Jeong-mee

These artistic approaches will provide a richer prospect for comparison as well as providing a multi-dimensional interface in the capital city of a neighbouring country, formed of strong gravitation between polarities of past and future, freedom and equality.

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