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Franz Ackermann
Thomas Bayrle
Alvar Beyer
Michael Craig-Martin
Tadanori Yokoo

Five participating artists of Imagery Play engage with the various media of painting, drawing, print, video and installation to produce 'images' in their distinctive ways. These artists of different generations characteristically and innovatively interpret, re-define and re-create images through their works of various media, which in effect interact and interconnect both conceptually and stylistically. This exhibition is reorganized from the exhibition Imagery Play previously held in Beijing (29 September – 17 November 2007) and is designed to work uniquely with the space of PKM GALLERY Seoul.

Thomas Bayrle (b. 1937) brings in his earlier works of graphics and print, which had marked a significant place in the history of German Pop Art; Michael Craig-Martin (b. 1941) who had become a great influence to the YBA, employs computer technologies in his latest works to reveal his distinguishing imageries. Since the 1960s Tadanori Yokoo (b. 1936) had been a pioneer among the young Japanese artists, crossing the different genres of design, illustration, print making and painting. This exhibition will present the artist's much sought-after yet rare vintage print series from the 1960s.

This broad range of works extends our perceptions of visual art. Some of the exhibit works employ contemporary approaches to explore the possibilities of geometric forms and figures by the means of paintings and installation. Alvar Beyer(b. 1970)'s paintings demonstrate re-interpretation of the nature and architecture into plain yet sophisticated lines, surfaces and patterns. Franz Ackermann (b. 1963), who has become globally renowned from a series of many site-specific projects by European art museums and international biennales, takes artistic sources from traveling around the world. The artist will realize a mixed media installation designed specifically for PKM GALLERY Seoul.

In Imagery Play the artists' intricate and bald visual expressions articulate the interplays of forms and colors, conceptions and methodologies, interpretations and proposals. Unbound to a particular medium and playing with different methods, they open up yet another aesthetic horizon of image making. Imagery Play can become a good opportunity to delve into novel visual experiences.

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